Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Sparkly frustrations 1: Pearl-ex

The image below is just the latest in my attempts to use Pearl-Ex pigments in my card-making. So far it's not working out -- you might not be able to see it in the photo, but the pigment is smeared. I think the main problem is that the stamp was not one continuous image but a series of separate snowflakes. I'll keep working on it ...

In any case, here's what I did:

-- inked the snowflake with a tinted embossing ink, and stamped the image on black cardstock
-- let the image dry just a little bit (this was advice it got from a video tutorial on the blog Scrapping by Design)
-- used a paintbrush to dust the silver pigment on part of the image, then the gold pigment on the rest.
-- shook off the excess, then used a clean paintbrush to try to dust off the pigment in between the snowflakes. That's what didn't work. Had it just been one continuous image, I could have left it alone. But there was pigment between the snowflakes, and I couldn't seem to get rid of it. So that's what I'll try to change next time.

For more advice on using Pearl-Ex, check out the blog Scrapping by Design.

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