Tuesday, September 14, 2010

My first Tilda

Inspired by the arrival of some new Copic markers last night, I finally finished coloring my first Tilda! She'll soon be gracing a Christmas card, and I'll post that when it's finally ready.

Her dress, shoes, hair and skin were done with Copic markers. Her headband, star and wings were colored with Smooch ink -- a wonderful product if you've never tried it.



  1. I think she looks beautiful. So glad I looked cuz I forgot about all my Smooch inks and you've given me a new idea for coloring. That's great. Learn something new every day!
    Sue S.

  2. You've done a great job with this little darling, dont be afraid of playing with your copics, in SA we dont have any teachers or copic certified classes and i have taught myself so much by playing that i am now teaching people how to use their copics. Lovely job, look forward to seeing the card finished

  3. Like Paola, I have only learnt to use my copics by myself and I think I will be learning for some time to come. You have done a great job on your first Tilda and I would like to come and see the completed card as well.

  4. Catherine!!! I also received my first copics 15 days ago and I´m learning a lot with all the amazing cards on our group´s friends blogs. That´s how I´m learning and also looking at the videos on you tube and other tutos. Looking them and trying to do my best. You did a wonderful job
    I love this image. Keep on doing such lovely work!!

  5. She is so sweet! I just love this Tilda. I will have to look up Smooch Ink!

  6. Catherine, for a first Tilda, you’ve done very well. You go girl! As Paola said, don’t be afraid to experiment—I love doing it myself. I’m one person that do not use Copics. I use Promarkers and some other brands of markers as well. Lately I’ve been experimenting with coloured pencils. It’s so much fun. There are a whole bunch of video tutorials in the internet on how to colour. I’ve learned a lot from watching these.
    Suzanne Dean’s blog was very helpful to me.

    It just comes down to practice, practice and practice...LOL.


  7. I think you have done a wonderful job with your Copics and your first Tilda. She is lovely and your shading is very good. Suzanne Dean is amazing for Copic tutorials, so check the website listed in the comment above mine. Good luck! These little girls are like potato chips. You cannot have just one!

  8. Lovely coloring on Tilda and looks fantastic :o)
    You are going to love you Copics. It is my must tool now :o)

  9. Awwe, so sweet. You did a great job coloring Tilda for the first time. Copics are a lot of fun!

  10. I think Tilda looks lovely and am looking forward to seeing her on your finished card. We all have to learn with our new Copics.
    Hugs, Candy

  11. I think you have colored a darling Tilda. You will soon be as hooked on Magnolias as the rest of us and to your copic markers too! I am pretty new to blogging too so signed up to follow you. I looke forward to seeing the card when you finish.

  12. Welcome to the world of Maggies! You've done a fantastic job on your first Tilda. Keep them coming.
    Leslie A.

  13. Like many of the ladies, living in rural America, I never had the opportunity to take a class on the use of copics...practice makes perfect and I still have a long way to go! You'll have so much fun and you will be amazed at how quickly you improve your technique.
    Your Tilda is darling!